10 Pinteresting Tips for Businesses

Lately it seems like many businesses are jumping onto the Pinterest wagon with no specific strategy or direction and wonder at not reaching their objectives.
To avoid falling into this pitfall, I have compiled a list of 10 Pinteresting tips to help your business along its journey to success.

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1 – Know your brand
Your Pinterest profile should be a reflection of the tone and personality of your brand. Do not start pinning random pins just for the sake of pinning.
To avoid causing confusion amongst your followers, make sure pins reflect the general tone of voice of the brand and relate to your products in specific and/or your industry in general.
For example: It would make sense for a hospital to pin healthy recipes, but not fashion advice.
2 – Know your target audience
Joy Jenkins, Pinterest’s head engineer, once said “Pinterest isn’t fundamentally about connecting people to other people. It’s about connecting people to interests.” Keeping that in mind, businesses should research their target audience and gain insights into their daily lives, hobbies and concerns. Armed with this knowledge, a business could create boards and pins that are interesting and relevant to followers (so long as they remain true to the brand personality).

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3- Engage your followers
People love to talk about themselves and share their experiences with others, so why not invite them to pin images of themselves using your products or pin images related to your industry in an open board? Creating an open board will allow people from all over the world to contribute to and interact with the brand, thus creating a sense of community.
4- Customize your board covers
To stand out from amongst the crowd, try to customize your board covers by providing an image containing a simple message that explains what the board is all about. Not only is this visually appealing, but it also provides relevant information to followers at a glance and adds a sense of professionalism to your profile.

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5- Pin regularly and consistently
On one hand, you don’t want your followers to forget about your brand. Yet on the other hand, you don’t want to bombard their timelines with your pins and annoy them. Thus, you should always aim to pin consistently and strike a balance between the two!
It is recommended to regularly submit pins in each board to keep them up-to-date and regularly appearing in the feed of each category. Doing so will enhance your chances of gaining new followers as well as generating more re-pins and exposure.
6- Utilize your captions
Since Pinterest is a visual sharing platform, many pinners assume that captions are un-important, but oh how wrong they are. Not only are captions one of the few ways to brand your pins, but they also play a role in the search results algorithm. You have 500 characters to work with so make sure to provide a description of your pin, along with your brand name and website in each caption to increase the chances of the post reaching your target audience and maximizing your brand exposure and website traffic.

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7- Integrate web content with Pinterest
If you only depend on re-pining others’ pins, you are not really benefiting from the exposure you receive, since in reality you are promoting someone else’s website. A smart way to increase your own website traffic is to integrate your website’s content onto a Pinterest board. This is doable regardless of what kind of business or website you have, just make sure to choose visually appealing and intriguing images from your website to pin. If you are running short on visually appealing images on your website, why not create a simple yet intriguing visual that will grab the attention of pinners and promote them to click through to your website?
It also helps to edit every pin by adding a link to your website, otherwise all of the circulation and re-pins you receive for a pin will go to waste.
8- Always think visually
As you all know Pinterest is a network dedicated to sharing and saving visual images. So it would make sense to pay close attention to the quality of the images you post.
So what counts as visually appealing?   Photographs, videos, infographics, even plain text on an interesting background can be visually appealing as long as the information is interesting and the quality is good.
9- Pin Tutorials
A fun way to share content on Pinterest is by creating tutorials that demonstrate how to use your products. People love to learn and more importantly they love to store and share helpful information. Think of what your target audience might find interesting and/or helpful and make a tutorial about it. By posting tutorials, the business demonstrates its interest in its followers’ welfare, helping to nurture a relationship with them.

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10 – Focus on trending topics
With the “Popular” tab, Pinterest has made it easier than ever to remain up-to-date with current trends. Make sure to not only use these trending topics for pin inspiration, but to also include them in the board titles and as key words in pin captions.
For Example: A home furniture business could incorporate the trending topic of “Ramadan” by posting pictures of house decorations during the festive month.
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