10 Ways That Restaurants Are (And Should Be) Using Social Media

If you’re in the restaurant business, what are some proactive ways that you can and should be using social media to raise awareness of your business, drive customer footfall and increase covers?

Restaurants should use social media | The Social Clinic | Header

Well, how about using Facebook and Twitter to promote and show off new menu items? You can empower your employees (whom you can also source through social channels) to act as brand ambassadors to help spread the word, and use Instagram and Pinterest to share mouth-watering photographs of your head chef’s latest creations.
Social media works two ways, of course, and you should also be using these tools to monitor your restaurant’s reputation, provide resolutions to diner complaints and encourage new business with social promotions and discounts.
The infographic below reveals 10 ways that restaurants are (and should be) using social media.

Restaurants should use social media | The Social Clinic

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