5 Things You Should Never Share on Social Media

Social Media can be very tempting and intimidating. You always want to share your newest holiday photo, a photo of your kid, a good news you heard, or even bad news. It’s in our nature to be curious. To want to know everything about everyone, and enable everyone to know the latest about ourselves. Some people even treat social media as if it is a glamorous magazine, always sharing social gatherings, new gadgets purchased, etc…
5 Things You Should Never Share on Social Media
Basically we all have our reasons to share or not to share our content on social media, we all choose our timings and subjects based on personal interests, but there are hidden norms, those unspoken of, actions or habits that no one should ever do, some might be very clear, and others, well, the daredevils will not back out from doing them.
Below is a list of 5 things, I personally believe, a person should never risk on social media.
1. Your phone number.
There are creepy, disturbed people on the Internet with ill intentions and bad manners. They are called telemarketers. Don’t feed them your personal number.
2. Photos of your credit card.
Yes, people actually do this. You might be proud of your new wallet or your new bank status update but showing it off on Instagram is like asking for identity theft.
3. An invitation for someone to rob you.
Letting the one-sixth of the human population that is on Facebook know you’re in London this week while that brand new 60-inch TV you posted about last week is home alone is an invitation for someone to rob you.
4. Vague posts.
“Wondering why …”
Me too. Unfollow.
5. Your password.
This should be at the top of the no-brainer pile. If your password is the name of your cat who has a Facebook account with 42 friends, you either need to change your password or the name of your cat.
Written by Bilal Hallab, The Social Clinic Founder & General Manager
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