5 Twitter Rules of Engagement in Business

Twitter is by far one of the most used and important social networks out there. Whether for business or personal use, Twitter has proved on many occasions that it is the tool to get the message out there. If you use Twitter for your business or organization, here are 5 rules to support in building the engagement needed around your business in the twittersphere:

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1. Your Name Says It All
When creating your business Twitter user name, consider these guidelines. If you’re already a recognizable brand name or not, use your business name for branding and consistency with your offline or online brand. However, if your business name is not available, use a descriptive name. Keep your user name short as much as possible.
2.  Don’t Start Off Automated
Many Twitter users use services to automatically push direct messages at new followers. This turns a lot of people off. It’s one thing to automate a friendly message saying, “Thanks for following me.” But heavy-handed promotional messages on autopilot with a link to your products mostly fall on deaf ears.
3.  Tweet Them Something Good
Make sure your tweets deliver value. Make sure your tweets offer exclusive information and content that cannot be found anywhere else. Post pictures of the team, new products, events, books you’re reading, etc. Provide links to helpful articles not only to your own site, but also to any site where you’ve found something valuable or engaging.
4.  Be Conversant
It’s a mistake not to spend time interacting with people who follow you. Two-way conversations build a community and keep your content interesting. Ask questions, reply to them, too. Spark the occasional discussion about other common interests.
5.  Over-promoting Kills Interest
Those who are constantly trying to sell something turn off people. Be personable between your “buy my stuff” tweets. Otherwise, you’ll be dismissed as a spammer.
Twitter is a great place to reinforce your brand, form strategic alliances, and build credibility. But rather than approach as a broadcast medium, consider it a way to build mutually beneficial relationships. And like in any business situation, the more you connect on multiple levels, the better your chances of making a memorable impression. When the time is right, and if you’ve targeted your following well, the sales success will come.
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