5 Ways to Use Social Media this Eid

The Eid season is once again upon us, and retail & restaurant owners and operators must take advantage of the additional spending that consumers will be doing during this time. The continued growth of smart phone and social media users means that you must focus some of this weeks marketing efforts using social media.The good news is that the possibilities are endless and will cost you very little. You just need to put your imagination and creativity to work! Appoint one person in your operation – preferably someone with an eye for photography – to take on this task, as it is much less confusing when there is only one person managing the social media content.
Here are a few ideas you can incorporate in your tentative marketing strategy for the coming week:

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1. Eid Branding
Add a eid theme to your existing social media branding to get your followers in the eid spirit.
2. Show, don’t tell.
Bring your communications to life with photos and videos. Use photos of new merchandise that just arrived, a picture of your signature dishes or even of your kitchen, warehouse, office or place of business. You can even share a video of your staff and employees thanking your customers and wishing them a happy eid.
3. Introduce the team.
Who are the people your customers, or clients have or  will come in contact with? Introduce them to your community, in this way, people/customers can relate to them when they visit your store!
4. Involve your customers.
Let their voices come through, either by sharing their tips for using your products or picking their favorite dish or service that you offer, or by suggesting their own gift ideas from your restaurant. Capture this information on video, or with a quick photo and a caption that includes their thoughts.
5. Have fun.
Get in the spirit eid! You definitely have multicultural and multinational staff. Have each one share how they celebrate eid with their families according to their culture!
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