A Day In The Life Of The Internet

There are close to two and-a-half billion people online around the world – this number has grown a heady 566 percent since the year 2000 – and 70 percent of them use the internet each and every day. As you might imagine, with that kind of presence, which amounts to more than a third of the global population, quite a lot happens over the course of each 24 hours.

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You want some examples? You got it. Each day, an average of 139,344 new websites go live. An incredible 144 billion emails are sent and received. 500 million people log into Facebook. Hundreds of millions of tweets* are written and exchanged, and, perhaps most amazingly, 60 hours of new video are uploaded to YouTube every single minute.
This infographic takes a closer look at a day in the life of the internet.
a day in life of the internet the social clinic thesocialclinicThe number in the visual is a little shy – it’s now closer to one billion tweets every 2-3 days.
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