A GIF is Worth a Thousand Expressions

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a gif is worth a thousand expressions.

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Formal, it’s a graphically designed image people usually share on internet, these images move continuously and keeps looping automatically. They are basically the twirling emoji’s we all grew up using on MSN. However, people took gifs to a whole new level, where they started taking videos, funny incidents, scenes from famous movies, and create a gif out of it to express their ideas creatively.

Today, I’m introducing you to GifBoom, a free application available for Apple and Android users, categorized under ‘social networking’. It allows its users (who are Boomers) to share their GIFs not only on GifBoom, or via e-mail like other apps, but also on social networking applications such as Vine, Twitter, Facebook, and, of course, Tumblr. What make GifBoom’s GIFs stand out, is their small size, that enable Boomers to send them via MMS without any concerns.


Now, let me take you through the easy steps of creating a gif using GifBoom

  • First, download and install GifBoom app on your phone or tablet for
  • Create your personal account.
  • Shoot a video using the camera tab, or convert existing images or videos to create a GIF file.
  • Additional features GifBoom uses are Filters, Hashtags, follow, and subscribe to other Boomers, and the exciting of all is that every GIF gets the chance of featuring the “latest-page” for a few seconds.

Here are my favorite five expressive GIFs

When someone unplug my charger


When its almost 6 at work and someone assigns me a task


Bad designs got me like


When I get my hand on something I can blackmail my siblings with


And Finally! Me trying to write a blog post


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