An Update: Twitter Advertising

Mainstream advertisement platforms will be soon replaced by exciting new digital ads! Well who’s surprised? The industry is evolving so rapidly that it is expected out of every business to move most of their transaction online in this mobile era.  Undoubtedly twitter is breaking new grounds in digital advertisement with its leading edge technology.
promoted-account-twitterWith promoted tweets trending, users receive a more complimenting set of tweet ads filtered based on the brands they follow, their interests, location etc. Some types of promoted tweets are paid to appear in response to search results. But what is so interesting about these tweets?
The fact that advertisers only pay when the user actually either replies, favorites or retweets makes these far more effective while the user only receives tweets on the topics he/she has been attempting to find.
Doesn’t this make the “reaching your target audience” goal of advertisers a piece of cake?
That’s not it. Twitter has more exciting methods that would make you want to move away from the clichéd ads. The one click video option was recently open to brands and advertisers. Burger King ‘s “ Be the Chicken king you were always meant to be “ went viral when they bought the promoted tweet for their once click video.burger-king-chicken-redepmtion-02-2014
Keeping up with its competitor, Facebook, twitter recently introduced the app install ad, which has an embedded click to download button making it more impulsive for users to instantly download the app rather then from the Appstore.
Twitter earns almost 87% of its revenues through advertisements and it’s fair to conclude that twitter being the most active user base has made digital advertising more affective than ever. Advertisers must brace themselves as twitter is yet to come with more exciting methods that will blow away our minds.
By Shanzil Ashfaq @ The Social Clinic
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