Arab News: "The Social Clinic Has A Formula To Hone Your Social Media Skills"

The Social Clinic is a social media and business consultancy firm based in Jeddah, supporting brands and organizations, public and private, into defining, developing, and implementing their social media strategies to ultimately becoming success stories on their own.
Arab News sat down with The Social Clinic’s General Manager and Head of Social Business Strategy, Bilal Hallab.
“The Social Clinic was named by my wife actually, I give her all the credit. We were brainstorming one night about the most adequate name, what defines the company, what are the objectives and where do I see it growing in a few years. We came up with “Communicology” which then converted into our strategic methodology and training course. Being a consultancy and not an agency, we diagnose companies, we study brands and we audit organizations and processes before anything. We wanted also to showcase our therapeutic skills. Many Saudi and regional organizations are on social media, but most of them are doing it wrong. They are thinking about channels before thinking strategy, they are thinking about return on investment (ROI) before establishing their key performance indicators (KPIs). These organizations have a presence on social media but most of them need retouching, a bit of therapy. Hence the name “The Social Clinic.” We help brands, on a strategic level, to integrate their social media strategy along with their marketing, HR, and finance strategies to achieve the best ROI through defining proper KPIs.”
The Social Clinic stands out from all other social media agencies. Unlike others in Saudi Arabia, The Social Clinic does not think tactical at all. Its role with clients is played at a more strategic level.
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