Are You Setting Yourself Up for Personal Violation?

With the growing amount of social media networks being created, the users are increasing as well. The various networks range between capturing your thoughts and capturing your sights, with a hundred other features in between. People have become very obsessive over being active in their virtual world where they could portray their different sides, instead of living in their actual world. No explanation is needed on the uses of these applications since they became part of human nature, but awareness is still needed to keep people alert.
Social media users range in their ages, yet most of them have the tendency to overshare their personal lives. The younger ages claim their innocence and that no one cares for their information, similarly, the older ages express the same thoughts. We tend to overlook the importance of privacy and continue to think of the good in people.

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We are all guilty of sharing unimportant information that are not relative to our virtual friends and followers, yet we continue to do so to build our virtual selves. With this process, some of us may encounter cases of identity imposters with no one to blame but themselves. You have provided all of the information about yourself for the world, making it easy for anyone to know who you truly are simply by viewing your many profiles.

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Below is a video, created by a group called the Belgian Financial Sector Federation to raise awareness on the gullibility of people and their excessive sharing habits with the social media world. “Be vigilant,” the group warns, “because Internet fraudsters can use information against you.”
The virtual world of social media is a sweet distraction and enjoyment from our realities, so how about we restrain ourselves from creating a duplicate reality on this other platform?
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