Behind The Facebook 'Like' Button

Facebook’s “Like” button is by far the most usable, useful, and implemented social media “button” on the world wide web. The Like button was an ingenious idea to quickly and easily get people involved with interesting posts and organizations.
You can attest to this: Like us on Facebook here! Wasn’t that easy? Now you’ll end up with endless social media and social business news, updates, and articles floating on your news feed every-now-and-then.
Facebook has actually created an entire new way of marketing to the masses. The only problem is, unlike google, Facebook doesn’t get to keep the money from it. Facebook pages are free to create. Even though promoting your company’s Facebook post to a ton of people can get pricy, a free status update is always an option.
Behind the Facebook Like Button Header thesocialclinic the social clinic
As Facebook struggles with profitability issues, the user base only continues to grow. One in Five websites have a ‘like’ button embedded in their site. We are no exception. Facebook is here to stay, only time will tell how big of an influence it will have on the internet.
Below is an infographic by -although we highly do not promote, recommend, or endorse the failing phenomena of buying likes- that showcases some of the many true values of the Facebook Like button and its usage and growth over the years.


behind the facebook like button thesocialclinic the social clinic

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