Creative unBlock

Remember when you were a kid and you created things just because! When being creative was fun and joyful, no pressure, no rules, no deadlines and most importantly no creative blocks.

Creative block is when you struggle with ideas, when you are blank, lacked of inspiration, We’ve all been there feeling frustrated and not being able to come up with “another” creative work. How do we get through it?

Before you start smacking your head, here are 5 ways on how to unBlock your creativity and keep the ideas flow going:

  • Have a fresh perspective
    Try seeing things with new eyes. In the book (Breakthrough! Proven Strategies to Overcome Creative Block and Spark Your Imagination), Illustrator Marc Johns suggests: “Pretend. Stop thinking like a designer or writer or whatever you are for a minute. Pretend you’re pastry chef. Pretend you’re an elevator repair contractor. A pilot. A hot dog vendor. How do these people look at the world?”
  • Stop and do something different
    Get away from that desk, move around, talk to people, draw on the wall, play with legos and make a literally creative block out of them! Whatever it is, just have some fun!
  • Explore your creativity
    There is this common creative exercise called 30 circles where you’re asked to transform circles into objects. In this exercise there is no right and wrong answer, all you need to do is to come up with different doodles.



  • Capture your thoughts
    Get a piece of paper, start writing down everything that comes to mind. Mind mapping can be really effective!
  • Take a break. Have some (Me time)
    Working on many projects at once can cause thinking paralysis. If that’s the case, turn everything off and give yourself the break you need to recharge your creativity.

And now let’s do something creative!

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