Doodle Fruit Games for the Win

If you weren’t part of the 2 million people who went to Rio for the 2016 Summer Olympics, then you must’ve been attending the Doodle Fruit Games instead! Not to worry, these games are just as entertaining, and perhaps even more fun!

My favorite search engine, Google has decided to participate in this universal event with their very own Doodle Fruit Games. The multinational technology company has rolled out all of the fun onto their Google app on Android and iOS. It was perfectly timed with the Olympics to match the dates in Fruit world, allowing you to get some sport action of your own by competing in multiple sports with a number of different fruits.

As many other creative graphics and games that Google presents to its users, Google Doodles appear above the search box on its home page , you have to click on the Google Doodle to get to the game as they might not seem like games at first.  But to your surprise, one click will immediately take you to Fruit World for battle.

There games included:

  • Pineapple serves


  • Grape hops along


  • Lemon swims laps


  • Orange goes putting


  • Apple tosses goals


  • Coconut catches air


  • The running of the Fruit


  • Orange bounces on the trampoline


  • Watermelon feels the love


  • Raspberry lifts weights


  • Plum takes a dive


  • Pear shoots hoops


  • Lychee and Fig play volleyball


  • Durian wins pommel horse


  • Grapes compete in table tennis


The games require the use of multiple controls of tap, swipe and tilt to survive the longest and score the most points. The mock Olympics ran for a period of 17 days with a daily report from the field covering all of the action.

We have 4 more years until the upcoming Olympics, so until then, we’ll be training day and night to become nearly as good as the strawberries.


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