Facebook: Change To Page Admin Panel ‘Wasn’t Meant To Push Promotions’

Last month, Facebook page owners started to see a change in their main admin panel, as notifications were replaced with greater reach reporting on a post-by-post as well as a button to pay to promote the story to more users. Recently, this has rolled out to more admins. However, the switch has been unpopular among many page owners, who feel that Facebook is pushing ads upon them. A Facebook spokesperson talked with AllFacebook about these changes, saying that it’s honestly not a ploy to get more ad revenue.
Facebook told AllFacebook that the changes in the admin panel were an effort to get page metrics such as reach at the forefront. It was also meant to make it easier for page owners to moderate posts on a case-by-case basis. The spokesperson said that more people have been clicking through to see the metrics on each post, so in that case, it has been accepted by admins.
The spokesperson wasn’t sure if there was any increase in promoted posts due to this change. He said that so far, 80 percent of pages have this new admin panel and the company is planning for a 100 percent rollout by the end of the month. While it’s not a test, the spokesperson said that Facebook is open to making changes based on feedback:
The enhancements were driven by the need to expose key post metrics more prominently to Admins, and as we continue to roll out we’re seeing several usage metrics rise (indicating positive responses to the updates).
We’re always striving to make reporting tools for marketers as helpful as possible, so the design of this tool is something we’ll likely continue to iterate on.
The spokesman said that this shift, “wasn’t meant to push promotions.”
However, many page admins feel that they’re having advertising put in their face. Comments to AllFacebook’s original story about the admin dashboard changes were largely negative. Users have also emailed AllFacebook, questioning Facebook’s decision.
To see notifications now, users have to click a Notifications button atop the post scroll menu, but some admins feel that this is time consuming, especially if they manage multiple pages.

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A user-generated topic in the Help Center about this issue brought about even more negative responses to the change.
Facebook said that many page owners who want to see metrics, as well as post notifications, tend to drill down to these figures anyway. The spokesman stressed that it’s difficult for Facebook to put out a one-size-fits-all solution that satisfies page admins from all walks of life — from brands to nonprofits.
Readers: How do you feel about the change to the admin panel?

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