Facebook Launches Islamic Hijri Calendar

The social networking site Facebook has launched the Islamic Hijri calendar as a new feature for birthdays.
However, the calendar will be available as an option alongside the Gregorian version.

 Facebook Hijri Calendar-01

The Islamic calendar will be offered first in Saudi Arabia before being rolled out to other countries with Islamic populations.
Facebook’s Middle East and Africa head Jonathan Labin said the new tool would allow Saudi users to better facilitate their social communications with friends and family.
He added “We believe this feature will gain great momentum in the weeks and months ahead, and as we test the response in Saudi Arabia, we are confident that rolling out in other countries across the Islamic world will become eminent”.
In addition to that, Facebook has 1.1bn users worldwide and launched its regional Middle East and Africa operation in Dubai last year to boost its presence in the region.

Photo Courtesy of The Muslim Times

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