Facebook Page Checklist for Excellence

As social media proves more that it is a revolution on its own, brands flock to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, to name a few, to claim their brand pages. Forbes Top 100 Companies are on Social Media, and are on at least 3 social networks. Facebook, the social network with more than 1 billion active users, is getting the bigger pieces of the pie. 
There are many global case studies and best practices, but very few, if not abscent, are the best practices from the Middle East region in general and from Saudi Arabia in specific in terms of what should a Facebook page “have”, what content should a page include, what photos, videos, media, branding and so on… In our journey to one day provide you with local best practices, we had to start somewhere. 
Here are the top 10 points that create a checklist you can start with to make sure that your Facebook page has what it takes to compete with other local brand pages.
  1. “About” section: is your website URL the first thing listed?
  2. Additional “About” section: Are you providing links to your company’s other social channels, like your Twitter account and blog?
  3. Cover photo: is it well-designed and does it meet Facebook’s Guidelines? Is your profile photo overlapping the cover photo?
  4. Cover photo description: when someone clicks on your cover photo, do you have a photo description with information, a call to action, or links?
  5. Profile photo: does it clearly reflect your brand?
  6. App thumbnails: are the three most important apps to you and your brand featured as “favorite” apps, and do the app thumbnails include a call to action or have a promising label?
  7. “Talking about this number”: Divide your “Talking about this number” by your Page’s total number of Likes. This will calculate your Page’s engagement from the past seven days. Average Page engagement is two percent. If you’re below two percent, your content strategy needs to be adjusted.
  8. Content strategy:What type of content is your business sharing? Are you using a photo or another type of media to accompany each status update? Are you sharing valuable, relevant information with your fans? Are you implementing the 70/20/10 rule? Does your content speak directly to your target audience?
  9. Exclusive content: What are you offering your Facebook fans that they can’t get anywhere else?Exclusive industry advice and tips? Frequently updated entertaining content? Information that they cannot find anywhere else about your brand/organization? Remember that you have to give your audience a reason to hook them to your Facebook page and ultimately maintain their “like”
  10. Branding: What does your brand say about the users who like your Page? Remember: people Like a Facebook Page not because they like a particular product or service, they do it because what they Like says something about their own identity.
Last but not least, the Master of Ceremony…: Commenting! We did not include Commenting in the top 10 because we believe that it goes without saying really. Are you monitoring your Facebook page by the minute? Are you archiving what needs to be archived and replying to those asking you questions and have complaints? Are you doing something about those irrelevant comments? Those spammers? 
Woud you like us to audit your Facebook page? Do you want to make sure that you have a healthy page, ready to engage with your audience to generate sales? Contact us now! 
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