Facebook Page Insights Officially Broken Since May 13th

Facebook Page owners this week have noticed that their Page Insights data has not been updated since last week, as far back as May 13. Facebook has confirmed the issue and is currently working on a fix.
“Page Insights data from 5/13 onward is currently delayed in Page Insights,” a Facebook spokesperson told TNW. “This is a known issue, and we are working to update our systems ASAP.”


In a thread on the Facebook Community Forum, over 30 comments were posted this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday as users realized the issue has persisted for much longer than it should have. While the thread was started six months ago by a user seeing a similar issue last year, all replies on it have been about the issue from this week from users searching for an explanation.
The only reply from a Facebook Help Team employee by the name of “Aiden.” He pointed to a Help Center link with this explanation:
When you visit your Page Insights, you should see data about how people have been using your Page. It takes about 2 days for today’s data to start showing up. If your Page’s insights aren’t loading correctly, let us know.
Given that this issue has been going on for 13 days, Page owners are understandably getting frustrated as they are unable to track their campaigns and promotions. This prompted us to look into the problem and get in touch with Facebook for a better explanation.
We’ll update this article when the company fixes the issue and if it shares more details.
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