Facebook Profile Picture Guide

Have you ever looked through the Facebook profiles of your old high school friends and just thought, “I’m glad that we drifted apart before that guy became a complete weirdo”. Well, you’re not alone, and let’s face it: the reason you think he’s a weirdo is because he spends all of his time posting pictures of himself looking completely drunk, or of his dog spread out on the sofa, or posing bare chested in the mirror.

Facebook Profile Pic Guide | The Social clinic

Well, we for one are just sick of it, so today we are bringing you the definitive guide to choosing your next profile picture. If you see anybody breaking any of these rules then make sure they see this handy little infographic, and hopefully we can make the world a much brighter place. No longer will your timeline be crammed with people wearing stupid hats or cats being made to pose for blindingly bright iPhone flash photography. We don’t even feel like you need to thank us for this one. We’re just happy to do our bit.

Facebook Profile Pic Guide Infographic | The Social clinic

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