Facebook Releases The Wrong Logo

Facebook for iPhone and iPad has updated with a new photo viewer button that lets you save, share, or set the photo as your profile pictures. Editing a place you’re checking into on the iPhone has also been improved, and Events should load faster, now. But that’s not the most interesting thing about this update…

facebook wrong logo mobile app the social clinic

The most interesting thing about this update is actually the fact that Facebook has once again let the beta version of one of their icons slip out to the general public. Just like with Facebook Messenger back in March they likely forgot to swap in the release icon before uploading the final build to the App Store.
While some people complained about the beta icon being ugly (on Twitter, ironically) immediately after it was released, Facebook automatically rereleased a new update just minutes after the one with the wrong logo and fixed the silly mistake.
What do you think? Do you wish the beta version was the official icon for the iPhone and iPad app?
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