Facebook Suggests Similar Pages After Users "Like" A Page

Ever since its launch, Facebook has been in ongoing turbo change in terms of layout, user interface, interactivity. Recently, Facebook has started rolling out the Facebook single Timeline view that also brings with it some minor layout changes to ones profile, more on that in a following blog post. Also, Facebook is not only trying, but has apparently implemented a new module that immediately recommends additional pages to Like after a user clicks the Like button on a page’s Timeline.

facebook suggested pages new algorith

When users click Like on some pages, a box of “More Pages You May Like” appears beneath the page’s cover photo. Facebook will show pages from a similar category, whether it’s local pages, entertainment or others, however this does not seem to be appearing on all pages. It should also be noted that these are not paid placements. Facebook makes these recommendations organically based on location, category and other pages that fans of one page also Like.

facebook suggested pages new algorithm 2

Facebook has long recommended pages through sidebar modules but this is the first time we see this on pages themselves. Although this gives exposure to more pages and could encourage users to connect with more things they’re interested in, the module could take users’ attention away from the pages they’re on, preventing them from further engaging with a page’s content. Page owners might be especially frustrated if it leads a user to then engage with a competitor.
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