Facebook’s Decision to Fire Human Editors, Fires Back Instead

Facebook received negative feedback regarding their trending topics being biased. As a result, they decided to fire their human editors and replace them with an algorithm that generates topics depending on the user’s interest. This seems like a good idea because artificial intelligence is supposed to have less errors than humans but unfortunately that was not the case for Facebook. 

Within 72 hours, after the decision to replace human editors, the algorithm started generating false trending topics from anchor Megyn Kelly being fired from Fox News to 9/11 being caused by bombs and not planes. 

Also, on the day of the Apple event, Facebook had a trending story which claims that CEO Tim Cook gave the audience a sneak-peek about the upcoming iPhone 8 stating that Siri will physically come out of the phone and will be able to perform house chores. This of course had no truth to it and Facebook later apologized and removed the article according to a Facebook representative “We’re aware a hoax article showed up there and as a temporary step to resolving this we’ve removed the topic.”

People were not partially fans of this change and called it a “disaster” or a “public embarrassment”. It is also said that if human editors were still working, this would not have happened as topics would have been approved by them before being published. Debates are currently taking place on whether humans should be replaced with artificial intelligence and whether the risk of having these machines could backfire such as Facebook’s algorithm did. 

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