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Do you recall the good old days when people used to listen to radio shows for days and nights? If you were one of them, you would know that our good pal Youtube provides with such a diversity of talk shows that keep the tradition of the radio experience alive, but of course, with the image included. Now that we’re discussing Youtube talk shows, did you know that one of the top 50 Youtube channels had just celebrated their 11 million subscribers this month? And yes, you guessed it! We’re bringing up Good Mythical Morning.

If you’re not a Mythical Beast (the official term of GMM loyal fans and subscribers) you might get turned into one after getting indulged into this piece of an article, and yes, we will be serving you such a hearty meal that will give you no choice but to dive right into the open sea of Mythicality.

Ready to wake up to the dawn of Good Mythical Morning? Let’s talk about that!


Good Mythical Morning is a Youtube channel and talk show owned, produced, and hosted by two ex-engineers, Rhett McLauglhin and Link Neal, whom are long life best friends and partners since 1st grade of elementary school. They met in first grade when their teacher assigned them as partners to write a song together, and since then, their partnership began and evolved to become internet entertainers, or as they may call it: “internetainers”.


The channel has a diverse set of videos that discuss several entertaining platforms, such as “Will it?”, “Ranked” “Songs”, and “Taste Tests”, where they creatively discuss, experiment with, and dive into a diverse set of intriguing topics. The channel had always managed to engage their audience with their comedic style, wit, humor and innovative delivery methods, providing with unique and exciting videos that always please the audience and leave them with a smile, wanting more.

But for Rhett and Link, more is not even an option, thus they have established a second channel where they interact with the audience after the show, calling it “Good Mythical MORE” Innovative, right? This channel is considered as the show after the show, where they roleplay as per the wheel of Mythicality, which you have to see the show for yourself to understand.

And if you’ve thought that two channels were enough, you were wrong! In fact, even before Good Mythical Morning, Rhett and Link had a first Youtube channel “Rhett & Link”, where they used to perform music and short skits. The channel was established in the year of 2006, when Rhett and Link quit their jobs at IBM and Black & Veach and decided to become internetainers. They have created several viral videos, some even for some companies, but their most famous video is the “Epic Rap Battle: Nerd Vs. Geek” gaining 32,111,72 Million views. Today, the channel is still active, where they continue to publish skits and self-composed music.


Recently, Good Mythical Morning has earned the status of the 45th most popular Youtube channel, with 11,108,687 subscribers, and a whopping number of 2,691,375,992 views! Now that’s mythical. But outside of Youtube, the hosts, Rhett and Link, have been equally active on Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat! Gaining popularity from all over the world. With 1.3M followers on Instagram, 645K on Twitter, and who knows how many followers on Snapchat! but we know one thing, if it’s entertaining, leave it to Rhett and Link. If Rhett and Link has collectively 17,971,856 subscribers from their three Youtube channels, shouldn’t they deserve the 9th spot on the top 100 Youtube channels, rather than the 45th???

Throughout the past 10 years, Youtube has been booming with worldwide popularity, viewers spend their leisure time enjoying different channels that meet their preferences, businesses are promoting their products through advertisement and sponsorship, and musicians and filmmakers are showcasing their form of art in music videos and movie trailers. But regardless of all these perks, we all know what shaped Youtube to what it is today, our Youtubers.

Youtube is mainly a platform for people to voice their ideas and opinions through videos, from beauty, to comedy, to drama, to gaming, to music. Youtube has a wide set of channels that speak clearly to their desired target audience, and despite all of that diversity, we know who’s the top talk show on the internet, you guessed it, it’s Good Mythical Morning.


Welcome to the world of Mythicality my friend, you have become a Mythical beast.

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