Go Back In Time With Twitter: Old Tweets Are Now Searchable

What differentiates Twitter really is real-time. Although all other social networks have some sort of “home feed” or “news feed”, Twitter’s “home feed” is the best and most accurate in terms of real-time because it shows you, in chronological order, the latest tweets by the tweeps you follow! Having said that, the giant social network introduced and announced this week the ability to search for older tweets.


Previously limited to tweets that had been made over the past week, Twitter has started rolling out an update that allows you to search older tweets — although Twitter didn’t really clarify just how old is “old” — by hashtag or keyword.
One should note though that not every single tweet will be shown in the search results. Rather, it will be a selection based on a variety of algorithms & metrics, such as favorites and retweets. Here’s what Twitter’s Paul Burstein had to say about it:
“We look at a variety of types of engagement, like favorites, retweets, and clicks, to determine which tweets to show. We’ll be steadily increasing this percentage over time, and ultimately, aim to surface the best content for your query.”

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Earlier this week, Twitter updated its iPhone and Android apps in an attempt to simplify the way people find content. Mobile search results now return a relevant mix of tweets, photos, and accounts, all in a single stream.
It’s unknown what prompted the latest update, but it’s possible that Twitter wanted to give members better access to their tweets — although members have been able to download all of their tweets since December. Expanding the search time length could also benefit advertisers. According to marketing firm TBG Digital, advertising on search results are more effective than if they were inserted into a member’s Twitter feed.
Regardless of Twitter’s true “intentions”, the update is a long awaited one especially for businesses & advertisers. The new update was confirmed to be available on mobile apps as well as Twitter.com
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