“Good artists copy; great artists steal” ...debatable?

I’m sure most of us use Snapchat and those of us who don’t, are not into the idea of taking random pictures/videos which is the whole point of Snapchat as said by Evan Spiegel, founder of Snapchat. People use Snapchat as their daily diary, capturing both random and memorable moments. How long will Snapchat last though?

To answer the question, let’s talk more about the elephant in the room, Instagram’s recent “story” feature. We all know how Snapchat is used for all those pictures that aren’t “pretty” enough to be posted on Instagram, seems like a win-win situation but Instagram apparently wanted more. Instagram’s CEO Kevin Systrom bravely said: “Snapchat deserves all the credit…” and also mentioned how every company adopts another company’s idea but twists it to suit their business. However, it is believed that Instagram’s goal wasn’t to steal Snapchat’s strategy but to slow down its growth but then again in the tech world, growth is key. On the other hand, one could argue that this is a somewhat smart move by Instagram since the average number of posts per user declined while Snapchat continues to increase.


One would think that Snapchat would create a public statement regarding the matter but instead they are adding new bonus features. It has been recently announced that NBC is partnering with Snapchat to develop short versions of its popular shows including The Voice which will feature judges such as Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. Users will be able to submit their performance videos via voicesnaps.com and the winner will get the chance to appear on the show’s new season. “This will be the first-ever reality competition to expand to Snapchat” NBCUniversal says.


So is the saying “good artists copy; great artists steal” true? Maybe, but I don’t believe that loyal users will switch because Snapchat still provides better quality and features. Snapchat is also a go-to place to read about all kinds of news, not to mention their on-going innovation of new ideas. This seems more like a bump in the road which, if Snapchat did not recover from quickly would lead to a more serious problem.

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