Google & Twitter's Year in Review

As we did last week, here are Google & Twitter’s 2013 year in review:

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Google plays witness to our individual key taps, answers our questions, connects us to others and feeds us the news. As at the end of every year, Google has released its year-end Zeitgeist list, it adds up all the above and offers lists of what the world was most interested in and searched for most, including the top trending searches from 72 countries and the most searched for people and events.
“Every day, around the world, we search,” Amit Singhal, senior vice president and Google Fellow, wrote in a Dec. 17 blog post. “We want to find out more about our heroes, explore far-away destinations or settle a dinner-table dispute between friends.”
The world can feel good about the fact that the number-one global trending topic of 2013 was Nelson Mandela, who, even before his passing, had people curious to learn more about him, Singhal wrote. (Better left to the fine print of 2013 is that the top “what is …” search was for “twerking.”)
The tech world is sure to note that the iPhone 5 was the third top trend of 2013—while the Samsung Galaxy S 4 was the eighth.
Just as Facebook & Google, Twitter has also released its 2013 Year in Review video, which all can be seen on our YouTube channel;
In the video, Twitter showcases the biggest tweets, tweeps, and trends of 2013. Twitter has also launched a dedicated microsite for the matter at
It seems like just yesterday we were oogling over Twitter Vine, and now, Twitter’s all grown up, staking its claim as a publicly traded company.
It would be bold to say we could recap everything that happened with Twitter this year, but we did compile some of the highlights. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?
Notable Twitter News in 2013
The big news for Twitter this year was, of course, filing for an IPO in September. The initial IPO filing shed light on the financial situation of the social giant for the first time, uncovering Twitter’s approximate $419 million deficit.
Pundits might argue that the second (or first) biggest thing for Twitter this year was “Vine” which was the feature release kickoff in January, and people and brands all over the world shared the moments of their lives in six seconds or less.
Twitter had a list of feature releases this year such as targeted tweets, its TV suite, its business suite, keyword targeting, Lead Generation Cards” – a way to collect information and offer resources without users ever having to leave Twitter.
The video though is more emotional, focuses on moments; such as Vine’s introduction, most retweeted and “favorited” stories, and on hashtags that we all have used, or might use in the future.
2013’s Top Appsآخر أرقام استخدام التواصل الاجتماعي في المملكة العربية السعودية

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