Happy 15th Birthday iPod!

If this news didn’t make you feel old, i don’t know what would! It’s been 15 years since Apple launched the revolutionary iPod and non-Apple MP3 players took their last breath.

Steve Job’s pitch was to create a sleek device about the size of a deck of cards that can accommodate 1,000 digital songs in your pocket.

The iPod changed the way we view and listen to music, and it was a global revolution that everyone around the world was onboard with. Along its 15 years, the iPod underwent multiple changes and generations ranging from iPod Classic, iPod Mini, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Touch and many others.

Most of the Internet decided to celebrate this extraordinary event by highlighting the best and the worst iPods ever made, but we will not do that here. Instead, we are going to highlight the top moments where our iPods acted as our saviours with their amazingness.

  • During car rides with Uber; to keep your small talk short

  • During a private silent discos; to get yourself in the dancing mood

  • During class; when you can’t get yourself to listen to the instructor

  • During dentist appointments; so you can be relieved of answering any of your doctor’s questions while he is working


  • While you wait for someone; so you do not seem like a loner

  • Trying to end a conversation while someone is talking so you can ignore them better

Although the iPod has been replaced with iPhones since the music app was part of the built-in phone apps, Apple could not bring itself to discontinue the production of the iPod itself. Its concept was part of the value proposition of the original iPhone, where it has built a foundation of growing technology for Apple’s lifestyle products. At the end of the day, iPods hold a sacred place in Apple history and their work and impact throughout the 15 years did not go unnoticed.

Happy birthday iPod!

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