How Far Are You Willing To Go for the Perfect Selfie?

“Let’s take a selfie,” they said

“It will be fun,” they said

“You will be famous,” they said

Little did they know that it might be their last!


Just kidding,


Well… not entirely


The newest Internet craze has spread amongst everyone around the world. Taking a dangerous, or as they may call it, the perfect selfie is basically what everyone is currently talking about.

People have started taking selfies very seriously; it isn’t just a pout and a snap anymore. As of 2015, selfies are killing more people than shark attacks! 12 selfie-related deaths were recorded in 2015 as opposed to only 8 shark-related deaths. The lengths that these people are willing to go for the perfect selfie will astound you. Being featured on such a photo has been a goal to some and an aspiration for others.

A number of deaths were recorded worldwide, beginning with an elderly Japanese tourist who fell down the stairs of the Taj Mahal, while another woman posed dangerously close to a bison until it gored her to death at the Yellowstone National Park. But nothing can top this young female when she accidently shot herself in the head with a gun in Moscow while attempting to take that perfect selfie.

This issue created so much buzz that the Russian government actually launched a Safe Selfie campaign where they distributed awareness booklets. The illustrated booklet showcased the dangers and possible injuries associated with various selfie scenarios. A Russian official released a statement saying:

“Our booklet reminds you of how to take a safe selfie, so it is not the last one you will ever take.”

So what does a perfect selfie require? Perfect lighting? Perfect pose? Perfect scenery? Better yet, something dangerously amazing and ridiculous that the Internet will go crazy about, let’s look at some examples:
Solent News & Photo Agency “Let’s go on top of this really high building and risk falling 3000ft to the ground and pose with a thumbs-up” 2 “Oh hey perfect timing, let me show my friends that a shooting missile just passed by me, *snap*, looks good, now let’s get away from here” 3 “This bear may come and attack me any second now, but I need to snap this to the group” 4 “Don’t worry, the burning lava behind me won’t erupt for another 5 seconds, I still have time for a quick selfie” 5 “I mustn’t forget to take a selfie with the shark, this will surely trend online, say cheese” These people are apparently living life on the edge, taking all kinds of risks necessary to snap that picture. They are willing to try anything to take that perfect selfie that might go viral someday. Some may laugh while others may smile in the face of danger. But not all perfect selfies are dangerous, they might just be a little bold, perhaps too audacious… 6

Look at her, she’s smiling happily

As for me,

Well, I would rather put a little smile on my face and take a selfie with me, myself and I. (:

For those who have not yet taken their perfect selfie, how far are you willing to go to take it? Remember to stay safe! And snap happily!

And for those who have already crossed this off their bucket list, worry not, the Internet is sure to have something new in its list of bizarre trends that you can join in on. Until then, go make sure you know all of the precautionary measures that you must take before you plan your next perfect selfie.

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