Instagram Ads Are Coming

Vertical insta picIt’s the simple idea of sharing photos, vines or short videos instantly with inbuilt photo editing tools, trendy frames and the snappy hash tags that has made the 4 years old Instagram the most crowd pleasing platform in the social media. Their fundamentals were based on simply uploading and sharing beautiful images of your daily life with your followers. But it seems like Instagram has moved far ahead from its initial idea and has adopted a handful of creative ways to maintain the crown of “the most Trendy app”.
Almost a year ago, Instagram announced that it would be rolling out ads form selected branded on its user’s feed. Well, the response was not a surprise!
The very first ad of Michael Kors watch had received quite some nasty comments and a big wave of criticism came along from users expressing their disapproval. Even though Instagram promised to post only appealing ads from brands that would be enjoyed by the viewers, it seems to be adopting the attitude of its parent company, Facebook, to deal with the response of “instagramers”. When Facebook brings changes in its layout, it wears the “just deal with it” attitude because every Facebook user tends to blend along with the change eventually. We think Instagram might possibly be following the same footprints.
michael-cors-500x301Nevertheless, the ads had their highs and lows both.  Michael Kors’ watch simultaneously received 150000 likes in just 7 hours. Later, a handful of brands such as Burberry, Levis and Ben & Jerry approached this young advertisement platform too!
You will know it’s an advertisement when it has “Sponsored” stamped on the top right of the image. Keeping the instagramers priority at the top , instagram promised that the viewers can instantly get rid of the ad if they wished to by pressing the “…” at the bottom right of the picture . Viewers can also give feedback on less interesting ads to improve the quality of ads in future. This is how a typical ad on instagram looked like.


levisThe first Michael Kors ad gathered 218,000 likes in only 18 hours, which is a remarkable 370 percent increase over the average 46,000 likes and Lexus netted 10000 new followers on the day of its first ad. Little did we know if viewers would hide every ad that they come across or genuinely like the pictures? Observing the response we must say, risk taking is perhaps the biggest tool in the marketing kit.
This creative idea was started in the States only on October 2013 but now Instagram ads are going international. Facebook announces on 9th June 2014 that it would take similar cautious step in other countries as well to not turn this image rich photo-sharing app into a commercial platform.
Lets sit back and see how this young promotion platform now performs in Uk, Australia and Canada. Will these brands be able to grab their audience attention or will there be a similar more prominent wave of hate comments?
By: Shanzil Ashfaq @ The Social Clinic
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