Jeddah Book Fair 2015

The news came out a few months back, book lovers in Jeddah have been waiting forever for this day to come, everyone is talking about the “big white tent” in South Obhor.

Jeddah was finally going to witness a book fair!

Even if you did not get to visit the book fair this year, you must have heard a lot about how well organized and welcoming it was. The long-awaited Jeddah International Book Fair hosted 440 publishing houses from 25 different countries. Between true bookworms and those exploring this new world, the Fair attracted 850 thousand visitors, with a daily average revenue of SR8 million.

Many visitors shared their experience at the Fair on Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat, which created a positive vibe encouraging everyone else to pay it a visit too.
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With the huge number of publishers and books, it would have been an impossible mission to decide on the right picks for you. So the big question was: how do we prepare for a fruitful trip?

The simple answer is to make a list. The simplified answer is to check recommendations.

And what place is better than the Internet to get reviews!

Without a doubt, social media played a major role in exchanging books recommendations and interests. Readers were keen on sharing views and opinions on their favorite books, and even spreading the word about each other.
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The Book Fair also hosted many seminars and lectures, given by authors and famous local figures, as well as book signings and kids activities.

The official accounts for the book fair (@BookJeddah) helped the visitors in planning their trip before going, by sharing the publication houses names, the exhibition map, and dates and times of seminars.
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While others sources provided practical tips on how to go “book shopping”, such as Makkah newspaper:


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The full resolution infographic can be found here.

The 2015 Book Fair nourished the love for knowledge among Jeddah residents, and has set the base for more, hopefully.

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