Keeping up with the Kattarshians

Binge watching has become everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure. People usually indulge in it when they are doing “nothing”. According to research, YouTube videos and Reality TV have been perfectly labelled as ultimate binge watching material. So, what do YouTube videos and Reality TV have in common? They are dangerously addictive! Being addicted to YouTube videos and Reality TV is no joke, it starts out with watching one episode or video at first, but then you are slowly lured into the portal of endless “entertainment” that you have been sucked into. Battling this addiction is an action that everyone must take, but that is a blog post for another day. Today’s post is dedicated to discussing the cuteness of our favorite feline friends!

“Keeping up with the Kattarshians” is the Internet’s latest obsession, a tiny kitten livestream from a tiny house is exactly what you need right meow! It is the perfect combination of YouTube videos and quality Reality TV, and as a great plus, it features the most adorable kittens ever. If your secret life dream, like ours, is to binge-watch a reality show with a bunch of cats, here’s your treat. You can watch their lives on YouTube, on their real-time updated Facebook page:, or even their website

Guðni, Stubbur, Briet and Ronja are the four 9-week old kittens who are the stars of the show in their small doll-house. Each cat has its own history and peculiar character that it struts during the live stream. Their rise to stardom started in Iceland where they were found alongside their mother in an industrial area. The hit show is produced by Iceland’s local news site Nútíminn along with the cat shelter Kattavinafélagið (“The cat-friendship society”) with the aim to raise awareness of stray cats and help them find a home.

Let’s get to know the stars! Stubbur suffered an injury to his tail and the veterinarian had to amputate part of it but that did not stop him from becoming the pack leader! Briet is optimistic, reserved but very determined. Ronja is a fighter; she was the weakest of the group and was the only one not gaining weight, but she recovered with all her might and is now the sweetest among them. Guðni is very sociable, loves to tease his siblings and LOVES food.

Find out more about the Internet’s rising stars by tuning in, all day every day.

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