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Gone are the days of having to write a letter, or even call, to find out how a friend is doing .We know that this friend got engaged, this nephew beat a level on Candy Crush Saga and an aunt just become a mammy . Like other addiction Social Media addiction is based on the serotonin surge you get when you engage with others online.

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Seeing someone like your post on Facebook ,retweet something you wrote on Twitter or follow your feed taps into the brain’s pleasure center, reinforcing this Social Media addiction. Maybe even more so than other addictions, this one is easy to give in to, while you have to physically obtain drugs or alcohol, Social Media is immediately available, all the time.
A study from Harvard University reveals that during self-disclosure on social media, participants activated the Nucleus Accumbens, This region of the brain is important in the development of addictions … It lights up when someone takes cocaine or other drugs
Self-disclosure activates the part of the brain associated with the sensation of pleasure- the same pleasure we get from: Eating food, Receiving money or having sex.
Locally, According to Executive Director of the site “Twitter” Dick Costolo told the “Los Angeles Times” in July that the growth rate of the site’s users in Saudi Arabia reached 3,000 percent in one month. The number of users of the site from the Saudis are currently about four million people, according to a study of the Dubai School of Government.
And there is a lot of special Hashtags about Saudi’s Twitter addictions recorded the reasons for their addiction on the site and also the signs of addiction
#هل_تويتر_اصبح_أدمان ) Is Twitter has become an addiction( :
رغد العبدالعزيز \@Haunted2012 : Researchers have said that Twitter and Facebook addiction is tougher and harder than alcoholism

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#إدمان_السعوديين_لتويتر( Saudis addiction to Twitter (:
هاشتاق العرب \@Thearabhash : Study reveals that 53% of Saudis have Twitter addiction . And they can’t get rid of it.

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and #هل_انت_مدمن_تويتر )Are you addicted to Twitter):
NAiFco \@naifco : The first step to ease your addiction is to stop the Notifications, It stimulates the Dopamine hormone . Just login to Twitter or WhatsApp when You want to.

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Staying up to date on family and friends is good, but it’s important to be aware of Social Media risks.
Don’t worry: you don’t have to delete your Twitter and Facebook accounts. The key seems to be striking a balance.
image 4You can use Social Media and still be healthy. Some tips for limiting your use and ensuring that you don’t feel the detrimental effects of a Social Media addiction are:
  •  Put yourself on social media diet, set a daily time limit for your Social Media use. You can even set an alarm for yourself.
  •  Schedule face-to-face time, a regular coffee date or monthly dinner with close friends, just remember to put your smartphone away when you’re out.
  •  Like any other addiction, track what causes you to do it, and how you feel while you are engaging in checking Twitter, Facebook Etc. Are you anxious? Stressed or tense? Figure out what your “triggers” are for using, and then work to alleviate them.
  •  Find an alternate activity: when you get the urge to check your accounts, do 5 minutes of Sudoku or a crossword, instead, or try a Yoga pose to relieve stress.
  •  Reward yourself for not engaging in Twitter. Positive reinforcement will help you to change your behaviors.
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