Mother- The Real Superhero

With the release of Avengers- Age of Ultron, superheroes have been the flavor of the month so I thought I’d put together a list that honors the biggest and the baddest Superhero of all times.

Who is the most powerful superhero of all time? Is it Iron Man with his superhuman strength and durability or The Hulk with his immense and seemingly limitless physical strength?


Well, hopefully I can help shed some light on the situation with this list that highlights powers that none of the above mentioned superheroes possess:

1) Replace the toilet roll: How often have you left two sheets of paper on the toilet roll to avoid having to replace it? Be honest! We have all been guilty of this act of laziness. Yet mysteriously, the next time you visit the toilet, you find the toilet roll had replaced itself. Or did it? To a lazy person like you, it seems like the work of a Superhero.

toilet roll

2) Notice that the garbage is overflowing: Imagine this- you walk into the kitchen with an empty can of soda and head straight to the garbage can (don’t count yourself in here if you are the kind of person who simply leaves the empty can lying exactly where you had your last sip- you Sir are a totally different breed of lazy and you should be ashamed of yourself!). Anyway, so you walk straight to the garbage can and this is what you see ‘a garbage can so full that it might collapse any moment’.

What do you do?
1. Realize that no matter how full the garbage can looks, there is always space to carefully shove in one more can of soda
2. Realize how good you are at Jenga and decide to play Trash Can Jenga- carefully stack up your can of soda on the pile of trash that is already there because the rules of Trash Can Jenga clearly state that the person who makes the pile collapse will be the one to take it out. You really wish your brother would be the one to make the pile fall over.

trash can jenga3. Realize that you don’t want to get your hands dirty trying to toss your can into this disgusting pile of garbage because that would mean you would have to wash your hands. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Not even once does it occur to you to take the garbage out because you never even notice that it is overflowing. You have never taken out the garbage, you know that sooner or later the Superhero that resides in your house is going to come and take it out anyway. So why bother?

3) Find things that are missing throughout the house: Running late for work but can’t find your car keys? Getting late for a night out with friends but can’t find your phone? Afraid that you might miss out the starting of your favorite show but can’t find the remote to switch on the TV? Got a Math exam tomorrow but can’t seem to find your calculator that was sitting at the table right in front of your eyes a moment ago? There is only one Superhero in the world who can find things that you can never find- no matter how carefully you look. You might turn your room upside down looking for your keys but you will never find them. This Superhero will come into your room, listen to you whine about how you can’t find them, smile and reach inside your pockets and take them out! Tada!

Finding keys

This Superhero became a superhero overnight- the day you came into her life. Yes, we are talking about none other than your Mother! Super strength and super courage enabled her to carry another human being inside her stomach for nine plus months.  I don’t recall any comic book characters possessing this amazing ability.  Overnight she went from a person who needed 8 hours of beauty sleep to someone who could stay awake for 24 hours straight and was still sane enough to do the daily chores. She went from a docile creature that your father fell in love with to the raging dragon that spit fire if anyone tried to hurt you. She became the protector and the body guard for you. This Superhero lost all shame and sense of embarrassment and was willing to make a fool of herself in front of people if it would make you happy. She could walk around with vomit on her clothes without feeling any shame.


Batman may combat crime in Gotham City, but he’s no match for mom fighting off germs, strangers and other dangers on a daily basis. Her physical strength matches that of Thor (child birth anyone?). Her superhuman speed (imagine preparing different kinds of breakfast for all your brothers and sisters in the morning, putting everybody’s favourite lunch item in their lunch boxes, helping everyone get ready in time for the school van to arrive)and stamina will put even The Hulk to shame. Her super human reflexes and agility can give the Black Widow a run for her money. She is a Wonder Woman, no problem is too big for her to tackle on her own.

She has the heart of a lion and the compassion of Mother Theresa. She is more than a superhero, she is Mom — the epitome of strength, faith and hope. Buying her some roses and a quick brunch for Mother’s Day is not enough to repay her for everything she does for you. Treat her with love and respect, like every day is Mother’s Day!

على ناصية الشوارع، أحلام وشخابيطSnap Away!

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