Murdering Stock Images

This should have happened a long time ago, but finally people are realizing how boring and cliché stock images are and how overly used they have become. The year 2016 will be the start to decline and eventually the death of stock images as the use of icons, illustrations and other more creative alternatives are taking over.

Stock images or stock photos are a collection of photographs, usually licensed for specific uses. Instead of hiring a photographer at a high cost, stock images are easily purchased and delivered online to fulfill the needs of a creative assignment at a lower cost.

In 2015, free stock images sites made them available and accessible for everyone to get a high quality image on their website. Ironically, everyone ended up getting the same images, and you’d find them everywhere online overly used, again and again.

When it comes to a successful campaign, telling a meaningful story that catches the people’s attention and have them engage with it, is the aim. Using stock images in this case will kill those efforts, as stock images are antithesis to such goals.

But why use stock images? Why not get a custom made image for your website, created by you or by a professional? Why not go for the priceless authentic user-generated content in order to achieve a successful marketing campaign rather than a stock image, which will most probably be ignored, deleted and forgotten?

There are billions of other creative alternatives to stock images and you will start seeing them in 2016.

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