My Pet: Food in Disguise

The Internet has been challenging us for quite a few years now. The memes and images that are being shared always have a way of altering our perception, which is quite hilarious if you come to think about it, and the dress 1 was just the beginning of it. So what does the Internet have for us today? The newest trend that has been roaming around includes pictures of your cutest pet dogs compared with different foods. The challenge here is to have people differentiate between them, animal or food?  And when you’re THAT hungry, maybe just maybe, the picture of your little pup does in fact look good enough to eat! Fresh servings of Chihuahuas and some really cute muffins, this what we have come to. Let’s start with the most popular one of all:

1. Chihuahua or Blueberry Muffin?

2 According to the Internet, how come we never noticed how much Chihuahuas look like blueberry muffins? The resemblance is extraordinary! Anyone can easily mistake their pet for a baked good, although you’ll soon come to the conclusion that your pets are only good for cuddling and not for eating. Oops. This somewhat brain teaser trend began when a Twitter user had a sudden realization that yes, my living pet Chihuahua looks exactly like my blueberry muffin that I have for breakfast. Combining the two most treasured things in life is a definite road to viral fame, which is precisely what happened.

2. Puppy or Bagel?

3 Pictures of curled up sleeping puppies are just as good as freshly baked bagels. Is it a puppy? Is it a bagel? We will never know…

3. Labradoodles or Fried Chicken?

4 The resemblance is just uncanny, don’t you think?

4. Shiba or Marshmallow?

5 Toasted yumminess

5. Dalmatians or Ice cream?

6 3 scoops coming right up

6. Shar Pei or Chocolate?

7 Delicious and creamy as ever

7. Sheepdog or Mop?

8 As if food disguises weren’t enough! Let us not get upset with our adorable mischievous pups! They did only learn from the best… hotdogs or legs? 9 Thank you @TeenyBiscuit for your most creative effort yet! After sharing a series of these memes on Twitter, the user says “After the first one my brain just kept looking for possible matches.” And with that being said, we may never be able to look at our dogs the same way ever again. But the users didn’t stop there! She squeezed one more collage from her creativity 10 Kitten or Caramel Ice Cream? Let’s wait and see if we’ll get to share a series of cat memes too!

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