Not another Internet craze..

Following up on a recent blog post I published last month, there’s a new trend that is booming faster than the perfect selfie ever did. Extreme photo pinching is the new trend that you probably should not be trying.

This heart-stopping act consists of holding your phone over a precarious location and have someone snap a picture of you while you smile at the moment where you could possibly loose the amount of money you paid on your phone in a split second. Isn’t that exciting?! Holding your phone with your thumb and index finger is the only rule you have to follow The game wouldn’t be fun unless the stakes were high!

People say that this thrilling moment is fueled by their adrenaline rush and love for experimentation. This bizarre challenge has given us, the viewers, endless amounts of anxiety and stress. Thousands of people are testing their extreme limits, emotional attachments to their phones, and their index fingers’ strengths to hold up their smartphones.

Whoever engages in this dangling act has engaged in its risks as well. Pinching your phone as close to the edge as possible and being confident that you will still have it the moment after that picture is has been taken requires a lot of courage; unless you have a numerous supply of other phones, in that case it wouldn’t really matter to you.

The picture can be taken over a toilet, a river, drains, bridges, balconies, or even cliffs! The settings are endless! Some choose sceneries with much more daring lengths to show the level of risk they are willing to embark on their precious smartphones.

No one has yet suffered an actual drop, but it’s bound to happen at anytime. With that being said, the people of Internet are encouraged to go with the flow and try this stressful moment for themselves. Take a look at all their happy faces:

How about you, can you bare the insanity?

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