Now What... Your Guide to a Social Media Detox

We all know how deep our Social Media addictions are, but yet we do nothing to save ourselves from them. We have become too attached to our accounts, to eavesdropping onto other people’s lives, and to publically share our private ones. You might have become so busy living in other people’s pseudo-lives that you stopped living your real one. So hypothetically speaking, what would happen if you decided to quit Social Media? If you decided to cleanse yourself from all of your accounts and live life beyond your iPhone screen? While you sit and ponder on that thought, here’s a general outline of how things would be..

The first thing you would be doing is deleting the applications on your phone, right after you deactivated your accounts of course; unless you did not think you were ready for that type of commitment, you just left your accounts open. Having those networks be out of sight would help you stand by your decision. The first couple of weeks would be filled with loneliness and boredom; feelings that were previously fulfilled by Social Media. You may begin to feel paranoid and left-out and your anxiety might begin to kick in by getting you worried that you had missed a HUGE event. You would feel cut-off from the world and its occurrences, when in fact you were actually living in reality more than ever. You will begin to adopt a new habit that will surely help take you through your courageous journey.

After a few days of realization, you will notice that your daily tasks of checking your multiple news feeds has come at an end, and with that a whole weight has been lifted. Your morning routine has endured an extreme change, and you will soon start to enjoy the freedom with the door you opened yourself to.

People would have begun to question your actions and judge you accordingly, some would not have believed you, while others would be betting on how long you would last on this ridiculous bet. Regardless, you would have remained true to your decision, until you began dreading your decision when you found yourself in a situation where you were the only clueless person there. Cutting off from your virtual reality made you a stranger in your own social bubble! But you would not stand down.

With time, your Social Media addiction would have begun to slowly fade and you would not find yourself anxious to know what everyone else is doing. You would not become overwhelmed with the dozen photos your cousin shared about that one wedding, you would not become burdened with the Snapchat’s of the party you were not invited to, and you would just be living life beyond your screen. You would find that you have become less interested in sharing photos of your personal events and more interested in fully engaging with what you are actually doing. You would have begun to genuinely enjoying your days without having to make everything photogenic.

Once you have accepted that life can be lived without Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, you would have noticed that because of your heavy usage of them:

  1. You used to be demotivated
  2. You used to waste endless amount of time scrolling
  3. You were feeding your mind useless information
  4. Your communication skills have weakened

Do you still believe that you should be connected to everyone all the time? Did the world stop spinning when you deleted those Social Network apps? Did you notice how much clearer you’re thinking? After much reflection, you noticed that you had, so now what? You found time to think and focus on yourself only without having to worry about other people’s judgements. You now have the time to master a skill you always wanted, take up a hobby you never had the time to exercise, and genuinely enjoy life’s little happy moments. You were able to break the cycle of refreshing feeds and instead were able to increase your productivity, attention span and clarity of thought. Just remember, you can use social media as little or as much as you want, but in the end, not using it as much will always make you happier.TSC_Now What_featured image

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