Paying With Kindness

With Ramadan here, most of us take this time to catch up on our acts of kindness in addition to our prayers and spiritual habits. During this period, we all feel this voluntary desire to help everyone around us in any way that we can. You can easily find those who distribute Iftar packets to all those stuck in traffic just before Maghrib, or those who spend their afternoons buying presents for the kids in the orphanage.  So who else needs help? We have got everyone covered, joy and happiness is being spread all across the streets and everyone is being assisted!

So how else can we help people? How can we continue our kindness project if they are no more people left who need help? The United Kingdom has magically found a solution and method that perfectly solves and caters to the humanity and kindness issues they faced. Back in 2012, an actress and one of Wikipedia’s founders have joined forces to create a new one-of-a-kind social media network where it reminds us that there is still faith in humanity left. “Impossible” has used the concept of reciprocity to build its notion. Actress and activist Lily Cole and Jimmy Wales have done themselves proud as well as the whole world with this phenomenon. The inventor of the Internet himself, Sir Tim Berners-Lee has joined in on this, as well as Nobel Prize-winning economist Muhammad Yunus. Although it is still relatively new, it holds the greatest value that social media networking has ever provided.

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“Impossible” was launched to encourage people to do favors for one another, where it allows the users to mention the tasks that they need done or would like to do for others. The tasks that have been shared range from “I want to teach someone how to swim” to “I need someone to write my English paper”. This project was set for success as it gathered much financial support from Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and others at Google, Wolff Olins and Ethical Markets, backed up by extreme dedication from Lily Cole.

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All efforts exerted were driven by their mission of:

Imagine if kindness was currency. Impossible is a social giving network based on cooperation, not competition; abundance, not scarcity; and offering opportunities to help everyone help each other.

This global community thrives for mutual assistance with shared skills, time and objects. The user builds a profile where he/she can be rewarded with numerous ‘thanks’. This platform records your acts of kindness while complementing your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts. (See how kind it is! It even helps you get higher job opportunities by showing how kind you really are)

“Impossible” encourages people to earn and collect ‘thanks’ with every act they do, the more thanks you have, the more kind you are. Kindness and thanks is used as a social currency where one can actually use them with the partners of “Impossible”.

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Be kind people! There are a million other people who seek assistance and you can easily be their fairy godparent and hero! We will wait until they day comes where this magnificent platform is launched in our country, but for now let’s watch our scales of good deeds multiply together and continue to do as we do.

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