Pigeons Tweeting About Air Pollution

I never thought the day would come where pigeons would actually tweet!

Plume Labs, an air quality based monitoring company decided to team up with Twitter’s UK division and equip a bunch of pigeons with backpacks that can monitor air pollution. Those tiny backpacks send London pollution readings and tweet them to @pigeonair.

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Twitter is finally using its bird power through the Pigeon Air Patrol, that is what they are called and there are ten of them. These pigeons are not only cute and smart; they also make sure to deliver their cause of informing about pollution and saving the environment.

This idea was considered one of the most successful ideas conceived by a marketing company called “DigitasLBi” and won 1st place in the Powered by Tweets exhibit in 2015.

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Air pollution has become such a serious matter and people tend to ignore it. These pigeons spend three days roaming around the city on a mission to grab people’s attention and engage them with the topic of air pollution.

This project is a perfect example of how creativity and smart marketing can be combined to raise awareness about a specific cause.

People fell in love with the idea and were encouraged to tweet their addresses to the pigeons to the measure the air quality above their residence.

How great is this for London! They can finally use their huge number of pigeons for a great cause and actually reach out to people through their social media interest.

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