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Summer is over and long nights and sun-kissed skin is no more. Summer 2016 left us with 4 months’ worth of memories and photographs. Regardless of it being one of the longest summers ever, not everyone got the chance to do everything they wanted in their to-do lists during their traveling days. No tour guide was available for 24 hour for 4 months, but Google has rolled out one just for you.

Google Trips operates on helping their tourists see more without planning more.

Planning a full trip can be difficult on your own, but with this new app, all of your thoughts could be planned out on the same plane. Most travelers are challenged when it comes to fitting all of their activities into their schedules, from travel time, distance and many other factors. Google Trips has gathered everything any traveler would need in one place, within the app you can find:

  • Key categories of information
  • Day plans
  • Reservations
  • Things to do
  • Food & drink
  • Most popular daily itineraries
  • Full day tour that includes the most popular sights, attractions, and local gems

The app starts by gathering all of your travel reservations from Gmail and organizing them into individual trips, saving you from the hassle of going through countless of emails looking for them. It then helps you organize everything for your vacation in one place where you can create day trips and full-day plans that can be accessed without WiFi for easier navigation. With the help of this convenient application, you could combine all of your friends’ recommendations and travel guides into one single plan to help you enjoy your vacation day by day. You could also build your day around places you already know you want to visit since you will already be in the same area. Trips will also provide you with real-time information about which destinations are open or closed. It will also make adjustments based on time of day and weather — if it starts raining, for example, the app will recommend indoor activities. And if you want an I’m Feeling Lucky-style recommendation for your day, the “magic wand” button will offer you a random highlight from the city.






Plan your next trip with barely any planning at all and have Google Trips do all of the work for you!

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