Building on Rabea Tea's Comedy Club Sponsorship

  • Client: Rabea Tea
  • Project: Building On An Ongoing Sponsorship
  • Date: November 2015 - June 2016
  • Service: Strategic Creative Solution, Content Production, Social Media Management
  • Brief: This is a perfect example on how The Social Clinic can take a brand sponsorship and amplify it on social media instead of just "tweeting about it" & "inviting people to attend & 'check us out'"! This year, Rabea Tea signed a 10 month contract to be one of the official sponsors of the wildly popular Al Comedy Club. The Social Clinic had been requested to propose a plan to leverage this sponsorship on social media.
  • Delivery: This sponsorship was the right fit for Rabea Tea as the brand stands for “Self Expression” and comedy is one of the top forms of self-expression. The sponsorship was going to provide Rabea Tea with a chance to connect with the Saudi Youth (a market that Rabea has been trying to tap into) and change the perception of tea from a boring beverage for the elderly to a cool beverage of choice of the Saudi youth.

    The team came up with a full plan to leverage this sponsorship on social media with ideas ranging from exclusive content from the shows to be published only on Rabea's Instagram, behind the scene footage of the comedians preparing for the show, comedy auditions and weekly competitions.

    Weekly competitions proved to be hugely successful on Instagram whereby every week we shared with our followers a scenario that they would all relate to and ask them to guess which Rabea tea variant would best fit the scenario. This competition allowed us to educate our followers on each of our variants in a very engaging manner and clear any confusions about moments of consumption. At the same time, we offered them something that they all were really excited about: weekly tickets to the Al Comedy Club shows. Every week 2 lucky winners were chosen to win tickets to the weekend shows.

    The competition turned out to be hugely successful with our Instagram followers looking forward to it every week and engaging with the content on a regular basis.