Celebrating Gold's Gym's 9th Anniversary in Saudi Arabia

  • Client: Gold's Gym
  • Project: 9 Strong Years in Saudi Arabia
  • Date: December 2014
  • Brief: Gold's Gym was celebrating its 9th year anniversary in Saudi Arabia and requested The Social Clinic to come up with a small campaign to honor the 9 successful years of strength and growth in a country rich in culture and heritage.
  • Delivery: We at The Social Clinic decided to take a break from talking about exercise and disease prevention and instead focusing our energies in coming up with an idea to celebrate Gold’s Gym’s presence in this beautiful country. We created a campaign titled "9 Years Strong" under the premise of ' You Know You Have Lived In Saudi Arabia for Long When' that was built on a very simple but strong insight that there were certain Saudi customs and traditions, quirks and behaviors that can only be known by people who have lived in the country for a long period of time.

    Our team decided to interview the Gold’s Gym team which comprised of several foreigners living in Saudi Arabia and asked them to identify unique and interesting observations they had made about the Saudi people and their customs during their stay here. The result of this interview was pure gold- insights like “Saudis using landmarks to give directions, the practice of calling every guy Mohammad if you didn’t know their name, Albaik being the pride of Jeddah or what (Bukra Inshallah) actually meant” were turned into extremely creative social media content that fans and followers were able to relate with and enjoy a lot.