Elaf Group Videographic

  • Client: Elaf Group
  • Project: Elaf Group Videographic
  • Date: November 2015
  • Service: Videographic
  • Brief: Elaf Group is a premier, fast growing leader in the Middle East Travel & Tourism industry. Based in Saudi Arabia and firmly rooted in the local market, Elaf Group provides its clients the most exclusive travel, tourism and hotel accommodation services in the region. Elaf had asked The Social Clinic to propose a way to create more awareness among the target audience about the different categories that it specializes in.
  • Delivery: The team came up with the idea of creating an animated videographic to differentiate and highlight the different industries that Elaf Group operated in and shed light on the quality and variety of services that it provided to all of its customers.

    It was decided that the videographic would start by highlighting Elaf Group's hotels portfolio spread across the Kingdom and showcasing the different locations and the variety of amenities that were offered to the esteemed guests of each hotel.

    The second part of the videographic showcased how Elaf Group was proud to be a forward thinking market leader that affects most of the regional travel and tourism services. All of the destinations were highlighted with special focus on a few, where potential customers were provided with reasons for flying around the world with Elaf Group.

    The final section of the videographic highlighted how Elaf specializes in religious tourism, bringing Muslims from all over the world to Saudi Arabia’s holy cities for Hajj and Umrah.

    The video was thought-off, scripted, designed and produced in-house by the talented team and was published across all of Elaf's social media channels.