Faden Movember Campaign - هكرنا الشاشة

  • Client: Faden Media
  • Project: Movember Campaign - هكرنا الشاشة
  • Date: November 2017
  • Service: Social Media Marketing, Social Media Management
  • Brief: Create a CSR Campaign to raise awareness of men's health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men's suicide. By encouraging men to get involved, Movember aims to increase early cancer detection.
  • Delivery: We wanted to grab the attention of the youth, spark conversation and ultimately encourage men to checkup and fight the disease.

    Faden's King Road Tower screen, being located on the highest traffic street with an average of 600,000 vehicles passing through, made the perfect placement to target men, and an important landmark to actually spark a buzz.

    The team came up with the idea of "hacking the screen", to grab people's attention. The hack was based on the hashtag #اتهكرت_الشاشه. We have created this hashtag in order to monitor what people will be saying about it on social media. During the first phase, the teaser "actual hack" was displayed on the KRT screen and published on Faden's social media accounts. During 1 hour, people's reactions were priceless, from street passers, to family whatsapp groups #thescreenishacked was being shared all over the town

    Aired for just one hour, the teaser was able to generate so much buzz. Social media channels were flooded with comments and questions about what is going on on the screen. The hashtag was trending on Twitter and Influencers and news channels were talking about it too.

    In these moments, we posted "hack" themed posts on Faden's accounts, apologizing from people and saying that Faden is working on solving this issue.

    After the hype was created, we published the Revealer on the KRT screen and Faden's social media accounts.

    #بعيد_عن_شنبك was revealed with a message for men to check early and fight the disease.
    That time through, people's reactions were, yet again, priceless. People opened up conversations on social media, some were inquiring about the cause and most, shared positive thoughts, thanking Faden Media.

    Lastly, the campaign ended with publishing educational content in order to raise awareness about this cause,.

    The campaign generated over 80,000 impressions organically, and over 15,000 organic engagement.