GE All-Women Business Processes and IT Services Centre Videographic

  • Client: General Electric
  • Project: All-Women Centre Videographic
  • Date: March 2016
  • Service: Videographic
  • Brief: GE was celebrating the 2 year anniversary of Saudi Arabia's first ever All-Women Business Processes and IT Services Centre in Riyadh.This business centre was inaugurated by GE in 2014 and was an example of GE's commitment towards localization, job creation, knowledge transfer and female diversity in the labour force within Saudi Arabia. The client had requested The Social Clinic to create an infographic to highlight all the achievements of the business centre over the past 2 years.
  • Delivery: After doing an intensive research about the business centre, the team reached the conclusion that an infographic wouldn't be the ideal way to communicate all the information requested by the client. Instead, the idea of an animated videographic was pitched to the client that was gladly accepted and appreciated.

    The team worked on the English and Arabic copy of the videographic based on the information provided by the client and created the video in-house.

    The video focused on informing the target audience on the objectives of the service centre, the services it provided, the progress it had made over 2 years and its various achievements.

    The final video was played at the anniversary celebration in Riyadh, published on the client's blog and amplified all over social media.