Gold's Gym's "تمرن_للزهري" Campaign

  • Client: Gold's Gym
  • Project: تمرن_للزهري#
  • Date: October 2014
  • Service: Social Media Marketing, Campaign, Content Production, Strategic Creative Solution
  • Brief: Gold's Gym had just signed the contract with us and wanted to reinvent their social media presence. Their social media channels were in a dire need of a boost in the form of relevant content and engaging campaigns. We were asked to create a content campaign targeting women that would help position Gold's Gym as the leading authority on fitness in Saudi Arabia.
  • Delivery: We figured that a link between Breast Cancer Awareness, prevention tips and exercises represented by Gold’s Gym, & the audience would result in a fruitful content campaign for October. So we created a campaign based on a hashtag: #تمرن_للزهري and encouraged our female fans and followers to make exercise a part of their lifestyle to reduce the chances of acquiring Breast Cancer. In order to create engagement, a contest was held on Instagram and winners were rewarded Free Executive Membership at Gold’s Gym.

    The campaign turned out to be a major success and resulted in an increase of more than 13,000 fans on Facebook and more than a 1000 followers on Instagram. This online campaign encouraged Gold’s Gym to seek out offline partnerships with the Zahra Breast Cancer Association and sponsors like Femi 9, Orange Blossom, La Fontaine, Casper & Gambinis. Together, they hosted Open Days at the gym and specialized Breast Cancer Walks in malls dedicated to fitness challenges that could help women fight this deadly disease and raise more awareness.

    What started of as a purely social media content campaign, ended up with a city celebrating a cause anyone and everyone relates to. Our campaign achieved 3,000,000 people in reach and gained more than 1,450,000 organic impressions.