Halwani | Kitchen Hacks

  • Client: Halwani Bros.
  • Project: Kitchen Hacks
  • Date: June & July, 2015
  • Service: Social Media Marketing, Content Production
  • Brief: During Ramadan, housewives spend most of their time in the kitchen preparing elaborate Suhoor and Futoor meals for their families. They are left with very little time to strengthen their relationship with God. Halwani Bros asked The Social Clinic to come up with a solution that would support these housewives in speeding up their daily kitchen chores and freeing enough time for them to concentrate on their spiritual endeavors.
  • Delivery: We came up with a Ramadan campaign titled #رمضاني_حلواني based around genius ideas that had the housewives marveling, “Why didn’t we think of that before?” During the month of Ramadan, the housewives were provided with 10 handy kitchen hacks that would speed up the time they spent cooking and cleaning in the kitchen as well as brand them as the ultimate ‘kitchen queens”.
    These kitchen hacks ranged from ingenious ways of making eggshell removal easier, caramelizing onions in half the time to quickly opening a stuck jar without enlisting the help of their husbands, keeping lettuce crisp and fresh for Futoor salads and much more.
    The hacks were shared in the form of short, creative Ramadan themed animated videos with simple and easy to understand instructions and received a lot of engagement from the housewives.