Last Match Tonight

  • Client: Rabea Tea
  • Project: Last Match Tonight
  • Date: 2016 Saudi Football League Season
  • Service: Social Media Marketing, Content Production, Strategic Creative Solution
  • Brief: Rabea Tea has been one of the official sponsors of the ALJ League in Saudi Arabia since 2014. Rabea Tea was looking for a way to connect with football fanatics on social media. Our brief was simple: Propose & develop an idea through which Rabea Tea would be able to own the league on social media without having to resort to clichéd approaches of updating fans with match results, players’ performances or commentating on the game itself.
  • Delivery: When the team sat down for a brainstorming session, we identified an important insight: all die hard football fans have one thing in common- they love to watch the games over and over again, discuss important events on social media or among their friends and are able to recall them long after the matches have taken place.

    This insight got us thinking, what if we provided them with a way to relive the important events from each game? What if we gave them a chance to enjoy the cherished moments one more time without actually making them watch the match again? What if we provided them with the means to sharing the highlights of their favorite matches with their friends?

    We came up with the idea of exaggerated, funny reenactments of important, memorable events that had everyone talking about them after the matches- the only catch- we would use the Rabea Tea teabags for reenactments.We gave our teabags personalities, local attires and teams to cheer for.

    As a direct result of our reenactment videos, Rabea Tea’s Instagram followers increased drastically within a couple of weeks and with each video, the views kept increasing at a staggering rate. We loved the fact that our content could make our followers laugh hysterically and have them share the videos with their friends. The response from our followers was extremely positive and the numbers were extremely encouraging. We received more than 400,000 organic views for the first 5 videos alone!