Rabea's Kick Comes To Panda

  • Client: Rabea Tea
  • Project: Kick Comes To Panda
  • Date: February 2016
  • Service: Campaign, Content Production, Strategic Creative Solution
  • Brief: Rabea Tea's innovative KICK variant was finally available in Panda and the client wanted to communicate this availability to their fans and followers on social media.
  • Delivery: Our objective was to creatively show people why they should consider KICK next time they shop at Panda. We didn't want to directly show the availability in Panda, rather we wanted this message to be communicated quite subtly.

    The team came up with the idea of doing a short animated video series showcasing moments where having KICK was a necessity. We wanted to highlight humorous situations where the target audience was unable to function on a daily basis without their dose of KICK. Each video showcased negative situations encountered by our target audience due to their lack of alertness and how they rectified those situations by consuming KICK. Panda played an important role in each video.

    The first video was actually set in Panda where we showcased a very sleepy, disheveled looking guy going to Panda to purchase KICK but ending up making several mistakes like entering the incorrect PIN at the cash counter and bumping against a glass door, due to not being alert. Once he consumed KICK, the situation got rectified.

    Other videos included a sleepy mum dozing off in a very messy room where her toddler was creating havoc and two friends playing a video game where the sleepy one kept losing. In both videos, KICK is delivered to their house in Panda shopping bags and after consuming KICK, the sleepy mum is able to get focused and fix all the mess created by her toddler and the losing friend is able to turn the tables around by being more alert.

    These videos were specially created for Instagram and created a lot of positive engagement for Rabea and resonated well with the target audience.