Riyali Online Course

  • Client: Riyali | Sedco
  • Project: Riyali's Online Course Launch Campaign
  • Date: February, April, May 2016
  • Service: Social Media Marketing, Campaign
  • Brief: Riyali was launching a new e-learning platform that was going to host its online financial literacy program, with informative videos and exercises to help users earn their certificates amongst other tools and items. The Social Clinic was commissioned to develop a campaign to create awareness about the new platform and generate leads.
  • Delivery: In order to promote the new e-learning platform and drive traffic to the website, we proposed a Facebook Campaign where we wanted to show how our target audience could get on the path of financial independence with Riyali and achieve their dreams.

    We defined different sets of target audience and jotted down their life goals and dreams. For example:

    - Student dreams of travelling the world with his/her friends
    - 25+ dreams of getting married and buying his/her first house
    - Entrepreneur dreams of starting his/her own business
    - Older target audience dreams of saving for a grand holiday after retirement
    - Our campaign objective was to inspire people and make them realize that Riyali could help them set their goals and make sound financial decisions which would enable them to realize their dreams. All they had to do was take the online financial literacy course and embark on their dream journey.

    The campaign also had a purely incentive based phase where we encouraged our target audience to register for the course in order to get a chance to win weekly iPads. These incentives combined with inspirational messages about achieving their life goals and dreams turned the campaign into a success as they resonated well with our target audience and encouraged them to take action. With more than 199,000 clicks, over 15 million impressions and 5 million reach, our campaign was able to create massive awareness for the online course with a lot of positive response from the audience.