Ranting on Twitter: Is It Worth t?

Guys, this is the most important living blogger talking, so you better listen up. Everybody with any form of taste knows that this is going to be the best post you will be reading on this blog, mainly because I have written it. I am the number 1 most impactful blogger of our generation. I am Shakespeare in flesh.

Today, Shakespeare wants to talk about Kanye. If you haven’t already been doing that, then head over to Kanye West’s Twitter account @kanyewest and check out his tweets right now. Otherwise, you probably won’t understand what I am on about and why was I being so cocky when I started.

Kanye West has been on a crazy bender for the past few weeks- it all started after he took the Internet by storm with the joint release of Yeezy Season 3 and his latest studio album, The Life of Pablo. The rapper has been airing his views on life in a series of explosive Twitter rants recently which has raised concern and outrage on social media – his rants range from talking about the price of school books, defending misogynistic album lyrics against Taylor Swift, boycotting the GRAMMYs, bashing Puma after rumours that his sister-in-law Kylie Jenner had signed a seven-figure deal with them, going ballistic over a music critic, and begging for money from Mark Zuckerberg. He had a Twitter meltdown a few days ago where he revealed to his 19.6M followers that he was $53 million in debt and asked Mark Zuckerberg to help him out.

Asking for the help of the CEO of Facebook on Twitter. Smart!

I really wish he would just keep his rants to himself instead of broadcasting them on Twitter for the entire world to see. Aren’t you guys tired of having his ridiculous attacks and negative feelings all over your news feed. He needs a better outlet for these personal frustrations. How is it helping him anyway?

For those of you, who are unaware of such rants, experts say, “It’s hard to mistake the Twitter rant, often characterized by its run-on sentences, inflammatory remarks, capital letters and liberal use of the exclamation point. Often rooted in a heightened level of expressed emotion, uncensored anger or frustration, the rant is accessible to anyone armed with a computer keyboard, an Internet connection and a Twitter account” (Rolfes, 2014)

When a loud-mouthed celebrity goes on a Twitter rant, they usually abandon logic, courtesy, common sense and self-respect. Does it make them feel less angry? Is it worth it? Many who write rants say they do it to make themselves feel less angry — the written uncensored online outburst calms them. However, a study published by Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking in February 2013 revealed “people experienced a downward shift in mood after reading rants, and after writing rants, they became more angry, not less. They found that those who rant online are more likely to experience consequences of their anger in the real world, averaging nearly one physical fight per month and more than two verbal fights per month” (Rolfes, 2014).

“When some people rant, it opens up a Pandora’s box,” said John Suler, a psychology professor at Rider University, who studies human behavior online. According to him, there is no way to predict whether ranting will even have the temporary emotional relief that ranters say they seek. “They discover even deeper layers of frustration and hostility. When people rant, it leads to feelings of shame and guilt about being so angry and out of control. For many people, ranting is a dead end. It goes nowhere.” (Rolfes, 2014).

We know that ranters seek attention, an audience and a response. Unlike the physical world, where yelling in someone’s face or insulting them publicly is most likely to get you a punch in the face, online, people can be rewarded for their expressions of anger in the form of likes, favorites, retweets and comments or responses which encourages them to rant even more. In the case of Kanye West, his rants prove that his voice is his power.

Freedom of speech

Freedom of opinion

Freedom of dreams

He is not crazy, he is free

No slave mindset no more. He’s free. He’s free. He’s free.
Im free

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